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Breathing Space




A Bit About The Band

When keyboard player Iain Jennings recorded the first Breathing Space album he enlisted Mostly Autumn colleagues Liam Davison, Bryan Josh, Andrew Jennings and Olivia Sparnenn to provide guitars, drums and vocals. The first album was recorded in 2006.

On tour Iain and Olivia were joined by Mark Rowen (guitar) and Paul Teasdale (bass), with Iain's brother Ben Jennings adding extra keyboards. Iain's other brother, drummer Andy, left in 2007 to be replaced by Barry Cassells, although in the interim Olivia's dad Howard Sparnenn stood in!

Second Album Coming Up For Air was duly recorded and released, and on the tour extra depth was added by John Hart on sax and wind synth. Mark decided to leave in 2009 and was briefly replaced by Mostly Autumn's Liam Davison, who recorded on the first album (and on the later third album), before Bryan Josh became the new live replacement.

3rd album Below The Radar followed, but when Heather Findlay decided to leave Mostly Autumn, Bryan asked Olivia (who was already performing backing vocals in that band) to take the lead role. Bryan and Olivia left Breathing Space in 2010, three days after Findlay played with Mostly Autumn for the last time, and a live double-album and DVD were recorded. After a search, guitar duties were picked up by Adam Dawson and vocals by Heidi Widdop, ironically the very first Mostly Autumn singer.

However the new line-up did not last; Iain, who had formed the band, decided to concentrate on other things and in 2010 they decided to disband, with the remaining members staying together as Stolen Earth.


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Concert Photographs

Selby Open-Air Festival
June 2007


The Robin 2, Bilston
May 2009


Cambridge Rock Festival
August 2009


York, Howden and Birmingham


Cambridge Rock Festival
August 2010


Southend, Leicester and Bilston






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