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Odin Dragonfly



A Bit About The Band

Heather Findlay and Angela Gordon put Odin Dragonfly together in 2005 as a duo to feature their own acoustic songs for guitar, flute and keyboards, as well as some Mostly Autumn songs (of which they were both members at the time) that were rarely played live, and a few other well-chosen covers.

They released an album entitled 'Offerings' and played a few live events at the time, before a lengthy break before returning to support Heather Findlay's own band in 2012 and Angela taking the world record for most performances at the Cambridge Rock Festival on the same day in 2016. Otherwise live performances continue to be rare events.


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Concert Photographs

The Robin 2, Bilston
November 2012


Cambridge Rock Festival
August 2016


Cambridge Rock Festival
August 2017





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