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A Bit About The Band

Panic Room were formed in 2005-6, following the demise of the original Karnataka when Anne-Marie Helder (vocals), Gavin Griffiths (drums), Jonathan Edwards (keyboards) and Paul Davies (Guitar) decided to form a new band together when Rachel Jones left to join The Reasoning leaving Ian Jones to form a new Karnataka.

They recruited Alun Vaughan on bass and set about recording their first album, released in 2008. They were voted 'Best New Band' in the 2009 Classic Rock Society awards and Anne-Marie has won various other awards too, as well as working on her own solo projects and with other musicians. Two more albums have followed, and Yatim Halimi has replaced Alan Vaughan on bass, who is concentrating on other projects. Paul Davies then left, and after borrowing a few guitarists from other bands, Dave Foster joined in 2015 as his full time replacement, as his former band Mr So & So were on hiatus.

Most of the members are are have been involved with various other bands simultaneously - Gavin with Fish and Mostly Autumn, Anne-Marie with Mostly Autumn and Luna Rossa (duo with Jonathan), Yatim and Dave with Steve Rothery.


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Concert Photographs

The Venue, Stocksbridge
September 2009


Cambridge Rock Festival
August 2010


Cambridge Rock Festival
August 2011


Cambridge Rock Festival
August 2012


Manchester Sound Control
November 2012


Manchester Sound Control
July 2013


Band On The Wall, Manchester
April 2014


Manchester Sound Control
May 2015


HRH Prog 5, Pwllheli
March 2017






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