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Cambridge Rock Festival, 2011




A Bit About The Festival

The eighth annual Cambridge Rock Festival and the third at the Haggis Farm Polo Club venue.


The C.R.F. always has a fantastic line-up of classic rock bands, also features progressive rock and blues, a bar of over 60 real-als and other drinks, excellent and not overpriced food and perhaps most importantly of all the friendliest atmosphere you could hope for.


The festival runs over four days each year, featuring well and lesser known bands, and this year had an extra stage for newcomers, between the other bands. These pictures only show some of the bands that played!


Click here for the festival website


Festival Photographs

John Otway Big Band




Heather Findlay


Larry Miller Band


Chantel McGregor


Aireya 51


Panic Room


Swans In Flight


Stolen Earth


Ebony Tower


Steve Boyce Band


The Enid




Mostly Autumn


Mr So And So


John Young Band




Ben Poole Band


Crimes Of Passion




Final Conflict






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