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C.R.F. Springfest 2015



A Bit About The Event

Due to all sorts of logistical nightmares trying the co-ordinate everything required to run the annual Cambridge Rock Festival (venue, stages, crew, sound, lights, bar, etc etc - even before thinking about bands) the decision was reluctantly taken that the full 2015 C.R.F. could not go ahead.


Instead, a three day, twenty band 'Springfest' was hastily planned for an indoor venue, the Arkenstall Centre in nearby Haddenham. Friday comprised Fresh Cream (featuring Jack Bruce's son and Eric Clapton's nephew). and Steve Logan. Saturday comprised Are You Experienced, Medicine Hat, Red Butler, Split Whiskers, Dave Edwards' Three Piece Suite, Incredible Creedence and Miss-Led.


These photos document the final day, Sunday 31st May only. Everyone there had a fantastic time, and as usual with CRF events, discovered a few new bands they didn't know, but liked!


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Event Photographs

Buster James






Fred's House




The Woodleys









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