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Miscellaneous shots of the moon

With Venus, using the Pentax K5 on a tripod. ISO 400, 80th sec at f/2.8, with the Sigma 70-200mm lens at 145mm [Feb 2014]

Using Pentax K5 on a tripod, ISO 200, 320th sec at f/6.3, with the Sigma 50-500mm lens at 500mm (750mm equivalent) [May 2014]

Using a Pentax K5 attached to the Celestron 6" SCT (fixed f10, 1500mm) [June 2014]

Early attempt at stacking images using laptop and telescope, with the NextImage Burst [Nov 2014]

My first attempt from inside a capsule orbiting the moon. Okay, perhaps not. [Sep 2015]
LG G4 phone held up to the eyepiece of the 9.25" Celestron SCT, 20th sec at f/1.8 on phone, f/10 2350mm fixed on scope.

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