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First successful picture showing three Gallilean moons even if Jupiter is heavily overexposed [Feb 2014]
Using the Pentax K5 on a tripod at ISO 800, 30th sec, f/2.8 with the Sigma 70-200mm lens at 200mm

Stacked image, heavily processed to bring out the detail, but my best so far by a long way! [Feb 2015]
You can just about see the four Gallilean moons if you look hard enough!
Taken through the Celestron 9.25" SCT using (I think) the NextImage Burst colour imager

Single image through the Celestron 6" SCT with attached Pentax K5 camera [June 2015]
ISO 3200, 125th sec (fxed at f/10 1500mm)

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